There are some pains that just never seem to ease up. Maybe you’re dealing with arthritis and your prescription medications only scratch the surface. Maybe you’re an athlete and muscle pain is just part of your life. Or, maybe you want to be active, but the aches and pains you endure make that nearly impossible.
Whatever pain you may be dealing with, you can find relief with daily hydrotherapy in your hot tub. Research published by the National Institute of Health shows how effective hot water therapy is for athletic and pain relief (and for cardiovascular health!). The Arthritis Foundation also advocates for warm water therapy as a treatment for arthritis pain. We offer a variety of hot tub models at Pettis Pools. They all provide benefits for hydrotherapy and pain relief. As you’re deciding whether to purchase a Hot Spring or Freeflow spa, keep these features in mind for optimal pain management.


How many jets a spa has and the placement of those jets is important to the physical benefits of a hot tub’s use. For example, American Whirlpool hot tubs have been designed from the very beginning with hydrotherapy in mind. Vita spas were created to deliver a full massage, just like you’d receive at a massage clinic.


The right contour of the seats in a hot tub creates buoyancy in order to minimize the weight and pressure on your body. We can help you choose the hot tub model seating configuration that best fits your needs.
Other elements to consider when looking for a hot tub that’s optimized for hydrotherapy are the number of available seats, seat spacing, and water temperature controls. We’re happy to help you find the best hot tub for your pain relief needs.