Summer: Longer Days, Longer Nights to Create Forever Memories in Your Ultimate BackyardSummer consists of those lingering scents of food on the grill and fresh cut grass, pool parties in the backyard, and most importantly longer days for quality time with family and friends. It is our mission at Pettis Pools to provide you with  Read More

When you begin to research purchasing an in-ground swimming pool, there are several types—Gunite (concrete) and Vinyl—are two we carry. Our clients often have questions about how they compare to one another, here is an overview to get you started.   Gunite Pools: Pros and Cons  Advantages: As big as you want: Concrete pools can be  Read More

SPRING WAKE-UP SALE! Value Pak Savings! Pre-Season Discounts! Specials! Coupons! It’s time to get ready for a summer of backyard fun. Visit our East Rochester patio showroom for furniture styles you’ll love or take a stroll through our Greece pool park and take an up-close look at a variety of pools. Specials include: Above Ground  Read More

When it’s time to open your pool for the season, keep these steps provided by our pros in mind.   PUMP OR SIPHON ALL WATER FROM COVER before attempting to remove it. Use a long-handled net or “leaf rake” to remove leaves and debris. Using a submersible cover pump, pump the water from the cover.  Read More

Learn more to find the right product to cure your algae problem Algae is no fun. It will destroy the beauty of your pool by causing cloudy, discolored water. It can even cause unpleasant odors! Algae growth is one of the most frustrating maintenance problems pool owners encounter.  Once it takes hold, algae can be  Read More

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your pool in the best condition We put together this quick checklist to use as a reference when you close up for the season. Remember, properly closing your pool for the winter saves you time and money when you reopen in spring. Try to close your pool  Read More

by Abbey Pettis, 3rd generation Pettis Pools & Patio family member in the business As a Pettis family member, I grew up knowing I could always come home from the hottest, longest day of school and forget everything with a jump in my backyard pool! My younger sister and I had it pretty good; we  Read More