Five Tips to Make Opening Your Pool a Breeze   Getting ready to open your pool for the new season? Have no fear. While the process may appear daunting, it’s pretty much a breeze. Here are five easy tips from Pettis Pools & Patio that will help you have your pool up and running –  Read More

Learn more to find the right product to cure your algae problem Algae is no fun. It will destroy the beauty of your pool by causing cloudy, discolored water. It can even cause unpleasant odors! Algae growth is one of the most frustrating maintenance problems pool owners encounter.  Once it takes hold, algae can be  Read More

Maximize the Chlorine Efficiency of Your Pool Stabilizer is sometimes called conditioner; but in either case, it refers to dry cyanuric acid. This is added to a pool to keep the chlorine from evaporating due to the ultra-violet rays of the sun.  If no stabilizer is added, you would use approximately 2X the amount of  Read More